Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A blog returns...

Sound the horns!  Release the hounds!  Kick the tires!  Saddle up and ride!      

A Blog is back!  

I've been looking forward to this day for a long, long time, friends, and my sincere hope is that you have also had countless nights sans sleep in anticipation of this fabulous day! 

Much has happened in the 104 days since I last logged in to this portal of fun.  Yes friends, we have a lot to catch up on, so brew some coffee and pull up a chair.  Go ahead and picture yourself sitting at your local Panera Bread Co.  Don't worry, I'm there too, sitting across the table with a cup of coffee in one hand, an apple in the other, and a smile on my face.  In case you need help with this picture, here's a visual:  

Also, imagine we have nothing but time to chat because this is going to be an experience you won't soon forget.  

Actually, although I just said we have nothing but time, we actually have so much to catch up on, there is no way we can finish today.  You know how when you finally get together with someone after you haven't seen them in months and you have a ton to say, but you only briefly touch on the highlights to fill them in a scosh, and then you say, "I promise we'll get together again soon so we can finish catching up!" and then 3 more months go by and the "friend" doesn't call you back and then you're in the same darn position as before?  Okay, that first part is you and me right now, but the second part isn't us.  Don't fret, I'm a bit of a local legend at the particular Panera you and I are currently chilaxing at, so they'll save this table (I prefer booths, but I'm not a big enough deal yet to reserve booths - just wait for summer 2010 (did you say twenty-ten, or two thousand and ten?  I know, we're in the midst of a quagmire not seen in some time.)) for the same time next week.  My bottomless coffee mug, apple and smile will be there, will you?  

So, to whet your appetite (or to make you scratch your head with confusion), here's a brief overview (some with visual aid) of some of the more exciting moments from the previous 104 days, with stories and details soon to come... 

- I conquered Beaver Dam Falls (with the help of Jeff) 

- The Pirates sweep the Mets
- Summer Camp Begins 
- Camp closed for 10 days due to Swine Flu: 

- I discover an appreciation, NAY!, a Love for John Denver:

- My voice cracks during the parent program we have at the end of our camp sessions.  No worries, only 300 were in attendance
- John Denver slips to second as Neil Diamond effortlessly slides into first in the "Favorite old musicians list" - a list of old guys that I've always known about but didn't give a chance until now
- Mark finds his hat!
- Clyde the horse!
- Pirates lose to Cubs 17-2, fall to 19 games back
- Summer Camp extends to a 10th session
- Northwoods vacation
- Grad school here I come!  

It feels good to be back, friends.  I'm excited to once again be your weekly voice from the 53959.  We'll see you next week with a full length feature story filling you in with more detail on one of the many exciting moments from summer 2009.  Thanks for tuning in!  

Peace be da journey.