Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grad School?

Greetings!  Welcome back to a blog!

Meet Jason Richard Hedger:  

Jason is one of my closest friends from college.  While students at Oklahoma State, if we weren't dreaming of crazy sweet road trips, successfully pulling off crazy sweet road trips (ALASKA BABY!), or going nuts at OSU football and basketball games, we could be found studying hard in OSU's Edmon Low Library.  Okay, actually, although we both enjoyed the majors we later received degrees for, oftentimes studying took a back seat to the aforementioned craziness.  In fact, I once took this picture of Hedger because it was so rare to see him studying... 

Because of this fact, it's a bit ironic, and has come as a great surprise to many of our friends, that the both of us are starting grad school this fall.  Turns out, we both have passions that we're hoping to successfully turn into future careers by tackling a couple more years of school.  While Jason is studying to get his Master's in Counseling from the University of West Virginia, I'll be studying for a Pastoral Theology Master's Degree from Ave Maria University (I'm in a program that offers classes one weekend a month - with tons of reading/writing/and studying in between).  Our hope is to one day work at the same high school; Jason as the school's top-notch counselor - Me as the Church History teacher and soccer coach (this is actually a dream I just came up with, but I'm thinking Hedger will be game). 

Because there isn't a Panera within a 50 mile radius of camp, I needed a pleasant study area right here in my own apartment.  It's about time my two years of high school wood shop experience came in handy:  

In case you're scoring at home, the bottom frame of the desk is painted orange.  For those of you that have been to camp, the top of the desk and the bookshelf are built out of an old table from "The Joe" that was struggling to stay attached to it's metal legs.  One of my camp buddies, Joseph, recently visited and after seeing my desk he exclaimed, "Oh, looks like you built it Andy Miller style."  Mr. Miller, I hope this desk passes your "Andy's Dandy's" quality control inspection.  

Lastly, the response for the new "monthly mailbag" feature here on a blog has been overwhelmingly positive!  Letters have been flying in at a pace that has kept all of us here at a blog on our toes.  Please, please keep the letters coming, as we're excited to continue answering these questions, which we'll be posting soon.  If you haven't emailed your questions yet, you still have time!  christopher.clyde.aderhold@gmail.com

Thanks for tuning in! 

Peace be da journey. 

P.S.  Oh, and how 'bout them Cowboys!  Go Pokes!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clyde the Horse

Last winter, our stables handy man, Jim, traded two of his older horses for a young and vibrant gelding horse. Not unlike getting any other new pet, Jim had a task on his hands: What was he going to name this new horse?  Because I may have hinted at some point that Clyde was a good, strong name, Jim paid me homage by naming the horse Clyde.  

A couple months later, Jim stopped by the office at camp to take care of a few things.  The following conversation took place: 

Chris:  Well, howdy Jim! 
Jim:  Aderhold
Chris:  How's things going in your neck of the woods?
Jim:  Fine
Chris:  Hey!  How the heck is Clyde?
Jim:  Clyde's dead.
Chris:   What!?! 
Jim:  Winter did him in.  
Chris:    Well, why didn't you call me?  I would have helped you bury him!
Jim:  Oh, I just dragged him into the woods for the coyotes. 
Chris:   Good heavens, Jim.  What the heck?    

A couple months later, Jim got another new gelding.  The following conversation took place over camp walkie-talkies: 

Jim:  Aderhold, come in, Aderhold
Chris:  Go ahead, Jim
Jim:  Just got a new gelding.  He's got a big head and he's ugly as sin.  Looks alot like you.  Should we try again with the name "Clyde"?
Chris:  That didn't work out to well for us last time, now did it?
Jim:  I'm willing to give it one more shot if you are.  
Chris:  Thanks, Jim.  I'm honored.  

And now... I'm proud to introduce:  Clyde 2

Unbeknownst to many, the staff at "a blog" have both street and book smarts, not to mention a strong opinion, making us the perfect forum to get all your questions answered.  "a blog" is excited to introduce "the monthly mailbag" feature.  Ever wonder what our opinion is on a certain topic?  Well, there's only one way to find out!

Send questions via email to: (christopher.clyde.aderhold@gmail.com).   

Thanks for tuning in, friends! 

Peace be da joureny.