Friday, February 19, 2010

The Plea...

Approximately three weeks ago, four friends (Sean, Jenna, Mo-T, & Bill) and I were itchin' for a road trip, and the only way to scratch that itch was to embark on a journey. The decision to set forth on an adventure proved to be the easy part, as deciding where our travels would take us left us perplexed. We decided to put forth a plea, asking the loyal readers of a blog for suggestions, and the response was overwhelming...

The first to respond to our plea was one of a blogs most loyal readers, Monica.

"Milwaukee. Two hour drive, plenty of couches to stay on, plenty of camp staff in the nearby area to hang out with (me, Kateri, Joseph, Zara etc etc). I can't think of a reason NOT to come to Milwaukee."

Doug, from Iowa, is newer to the a blog scene, but he's certainly not shy about putting forth his two cents:

"I can think of a reason not to go to Milwaukee, Monica: Doug and Brian are not there! Why not come and enjoy the pleasures of central Iowa? There's plenty of snow here, and we're having an awesome Mass Thursday night at our student center. Plus, is going to Milwaukee really an adventure? It's not even out of state!"

After reading Doug's post, we initially threw out his offer, as it included an event that was to take place during a time that we wouldn't be around. However, thankfully, the aforementioned Brian came to the rescue. With Brian's second-to-none wit, and writing ability that rivals some of the best, Doug and Brian were back in the game:

"Doug is correct that central Iowa is a beautiful place to visit, even if just for a few days. Now Douglass did forget to mention the fact that a Mr. Nennig also lives in the area, and while he did say that there is a Thursday Night Liturgy (foolishly not realizing that Thursday night doesn't fit in your allotted time), there is also several Ash Wednesday Masses to attend. Who wouldn't want to see one of the top 25 most beautiful campuses in the nation (among Pepperdine, Princeton, and U of Hawaii), especially whilst it's blanketed in a freshly fallen, fluffy snow? Also during your stay, we can offer such fine amenities as:

- A free health screening, provided by some lovely, well trained medical students.
- A NCAA mens basketball game in which the local Cyclones take on the stunning Oklahoma State Cowboys.
- A complementary computer science lecture on the defining of computational speed.
-Much, much more...

Now I know what your thinking, "What possible place on earth can one place offer so much, for such a reasonable overhead of money and travel time?" And my answer is "Ames, Iowa."

Though other offers came flooding in from folks in Denver, Colorado; Lawrence, Kansas; LaCrosse, Wisconsin; Edmond, Oklahoma, and St. Louis, Misery, Brian & Doug's Ames, Iowa one-two punch had us against the ropes... That is, until Tim back-hand slapped some sense into us...

"I would say Stevens Point, because I would love to see you guys, but let's be real. It's Stevens Point. I am not under any delusion (i.e. Doug and Brian) that my place of residence is of any interest to any of you. So best of luck to you guys and I look forward to seeing you soon."

Then it dawned on us: While many folks responded with exciting destinations for our travels - which was part one of the plea - nobody answered the second question of the plea:

"Also, in your email/comments, please let us know what a WNBA Big Box would consist of... I have my theories..."

The disappointment in the air could be cut with a knife. "Well gang," Sean said, "maybe a road trip isn't in the cards..."

Then, almost as if prodded to answer the question, Allie, from the bluegrass state of Kentucky, sent this money-post our way:

"One could ask "what is the WNBA exactly?" Is it trying to be just like the NBA? Is it trying to create its own identity? Kind of like this whole "lose weight with Taco Bell Fresco Menu" thing.... So in my humble opinion the $5 WNBA Big Box would consist of: Fresco Soft Taco, Fresco Burrito Supreme (chicken, of course), fiesta potatoes (no cheese or sour cream), & 12 oz water. And, yes, you will be unsatisfied once finished- Just like you are when done watching any WNBA team play..."

And.... Boom goes the dynamite.

"Sweet Sassy Molassey!!!" exclaimed Jenna, "We're heading to Kentucky!"

Allie - similar to when Harry donned a bullet proof vest and was a horrible shot - saved the day.

Mo-T sent Allie a text message at 12:41pm Tuesday, February 16th that simply read: "See ya at 3:30 in the morning..."

And with that, the road trip to Kentucky was made official...

To be continued...

- Peace be da journey

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kentucky or Bust!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The $5 NBA Big Box

The whereabouts of my current location is the Starbucks in the Wisconsin Dells, which sits directly across Highway 13 from Taco Bell. I sit here determined to crank out a blog post, as my brain rests from nearly two hours of study of the New Testament (that Paul sure knew how to write - albeit, I suppose he had some help...).

The reason I bring up the Taco Bell, and the purpose for the title of this post, "The NBA Big Box" is because before I meandered over to my current locale, I took in the delicious new $5 Taco Bell special, "The NBA Big Box" (ETS: 21 minutes). "The Big Box" consists of a Gordita, one Burrito Supreme, one Taco Supreme, Cinnamon Twists, and a 32 oz. cup for your carbonated beverage of choice, (oh, and it also comes with loads and loads of regret - especially if the lock on the door at the Starbucks is broken, meaning a proper disposal can't take place until the group of people you're with are ready to go back to camp, which won't take place until nearly 2.5 hours after consumption of a meal that at one time seemed like a good idea, but is quickly oscillating into a heinous destructive rebel force....) I digress.

Speaking of the group of people I'm at Starbucks with (Jenna, MoT, & Seanie); we were invited to a friends cabin next week up in the north woods of Wisconsin to ski, snow shoe, ice fish, and drink lots and lots of coffee (Thanks to Laura and the fine folks at the Base Camp Coffee shop in Appleton for the generous gift of the Mystic Monk Coffee - we brewed some in the Camp Gray office today, and although the ambiance of our office most likely can't compare to the ambiance of your cozy coffee shop, smiles were prevalent, spirits were lifted, and there was much amazement regarding the sweetness of Monk flavored Coffee), however, those plans were cancelled, leaving us roughly 46 hours (Tuesday at 6:00pm - Thursday at 4:00pm) to embark on an abbreviated adventure to anywhere in the world (that is, anywhere within a small enough radius that we can drive there and back within the 46 hours - hopefully leaving at least a couple hours to rest somewhere half-way.

That's where you come in, friends. We need your help. It's not often that your boss tells you to leave ("Seriously Chris, we think you should go with them."), AND offers to pay for the trip! ("Just take the petty cash bag.") (ha! J/K!)

So, can we come visit you and stay with you? Will you cook us food? We are taking applications for us to come and visit you. Please just simply comment on this post or send an email to:

Also, in your email/comments, please let us know what a WNBA Big Box would consist of... I have my theories...

-Peace be da journey

SVILUPPO: The overwhelming response from the inquiry regarding our 46 hour adventure next week has been, to say the least, humbling. We'll update all soon regarding the destination. Thanks everyone for your eagerness to host us four shmoes...