Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Mustache Diaries X

Tuesday number 10.  

People have asked, "Chris, if you like the mustache so much, why don't you keep it after the wedding?"

Forgive me for not explaining the situation better.  It was decided that as great as 7 guys with mustaches is going to look together, having them for the actual wedding ceremony would be a bit much.  We're going to be rocking the stache's for the rehearsal & dinner on Friday night, and then for the pre-wedding pictures on Saturday of just the guys.  We are then going to shave off our pride and joys so that we look a little more presentable during the wedding and the post-wedding pictures of the guys and girls together.  

All that being said, this means I only have a mere 4 days...

I'll make sure to have video rolling and photos snapping during the painful mustache divorce.  If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm probably going to have a tough time coming to grips with this.  I'll be parting ways with something that's really grown on me.  I've tended to it, and nurtured it, and even cultivated it for over 10 weeks.  There are marriages out there that don't even last that long.  

I'll tell you one thing:  The 'stache and I are going to live it up these next 4 days as if they are our last, because quite frankly, they will be.  I can't imagine ever putting in the time and effort (not to mention embarrassment) of growing a mustache again.  It's been a good run, pal.
Check back next week to hear all about the big wedding, and the aftermath of the mustache divorce. 

Merry Christmas! 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Chris Aderhold Inaugural Deer Hunt Journal

Approximately 40 hours spent outside in an effort to kill my first deer resulted in two kills. Unfortunately, neither was a deer and both were squirrels. 

So, the cat's out of the bag. That beautiful 10-point buck I posted a couple weeks ago wasn't mine. Rebecca & Kevin's Dad bagged that bad boy during a deer drive near Black River Falls, WI.

However, in all that time spent out in the cold, I learned much about hunting deer, and came away from this experience with some pretty good stories. Additionally, I feel confident that during the special Holiday Hunt in late December-early January, I'll finally take care of business.

So, please sit back and enjoy a few stories and a few lessons I took away from my first Gun Deer Season in Reedsburg, WI 53959.

Odor is Bad

The night before my first day of hunting, I felt like a kid the night before Christmas. I gathered all my cold weather gear, pulled my .30-30 out from my truck, and went to bed early (my brothers famous Christmas Eve speech was ringing in my ears: "The faster you go to sleep, the faster it will be Christmas" - and yes, I'm looking forward to hearing it again on Wednesday).

During hunter safety class, and in talking with friends about hunting, I'd heard that it's important to have absolutely no odor while you're out hunting. I couldn't help but scoff at the notion that deer would smell me and run the other way, mostly because you can't walk anywhere around Camp without seeing their footprints.

Because of this ignorance, I headed out to the far side of Camp at 5:45 on opening morning with a steaming thermos of starbucks coffee (sans sugar because my Dentist recently used the analogy that sugar attacks my teeth more ferociously than Candace Parker attacks the rim -apparently that's really good, and apparently he's a WNBA fan).

Surprisingly, I didn't see even one deer that morning. Apparently, every other shmoe hunting that morning knew not to bring coffee with them because it sounded like I was in the middle of a war zone. I'm guessing I heard close to 60 gun shots that morning. 

The next night we had our Thanksgiving Dinner at Camp, and I had a lengthy chat with Tom - 'The Official Camp Gray Hunting Expert' and one heck of a Turkey fryer.

Tom stressed to me how important it is to be odor free, telling me he even went as far as rubbing cedar leaves on him on the way out to his stand.  He even suggested that I leave all my hunting clothes outside on my porch so they don't pick up odors from my home (which made for some chilly early mornings), and recommended that I go without showering during hunting season, and that I wait to brush my teeth until after the hunt because deer can pick up the smell of soap and toothpaste.  I decided to take this odor thing a little more seriously and tried all of his suggestions (and quite honestly, I so badly wanted to shoot a deer that had he told me to eat black licorice and pee on my leg before every hunt I probably would have tried those, too). 
Because of the amount of effort I took hunting without smell, from that point forward, I think I can officially say that my inability to shoot a deer was not directly related to scaring off deer with my human scent. 

Standing is Discouraged

On one of the last mornings of the initial 10 day hunt, I was perched on a tree stump over looking a creek at the bottom of a valley.  
After waiting for a couple hours, I heard movement to my left.  As I slowly turned my head toward the sound, I saw two decent sized does staring right at me 30 yards away. 
I slowly lifted my rifle, but couldn't take a shot because there were too many shrubs between me and the deer.  Realizing this was obviously my best chance at shooting a deer and not wanting to miss out because of some stupid honey-suckle bushes, I slowly rose up from my stump to get a better shot.  Before I could take aim at the two girls though, they decided they had had enough of me and jogged back into the woods.
I reported this exciting development to Kevin and Jeff (I had finally seen a stinkin' deer!), only to be informed that standing to shoot a deer is dumber than putting cocoa mix in milk before warming the milk (which also recently happened).  You live and learn.          

Sunrises are my favorite

Many people will argue that sitting in single digit temperatures for hours trying to shoot a deer is a waste of time.  It can feel like that somedays.  But somedays, when you arrive in your tree stand at 5:30am and you get an all access, front row seat of creation waking up all around you - the chickadees chirping, the woodpeckers pecking, and the sun rising up over the hills in all its splendor and glory, shining brightly on the snow covered earth - it's so very much worth it.  

Squirrels make an easier target

Although the meat on a squirrel isn't quite as substantial as a the meat on a deer, hunting squirrels with a trusty .22 and a trusty friend can be quite fun. (I watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation last night, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud - LOL - when the squirrel gets loose in the house because Clark cuts down the tree in the front yard to replace the Christmas tree that Uncle Lewis burns down.  Clark says, "Where is Eddie? He usually eats these gosh darn things", to which Eddie's wife responds, "Not recently Clark.  He read that squirrels are high in cholesterol."  My loudest LOL of the night however, was when Eddie says to Rusty, "Hoo Hoo Hoo, Let's go find your sister.")  

Sledding is as fun as it was when we were kids

As much as I enjoyed hunting this past fall, whether it be deer, racoon, or squirrel, you just can't beat a good sledding hill (and jump) in the company of fine people.  
Last weekend, Nicky, Mo-T, Sean & I built a jump at the sledding hill at Camp.  After enjoying it a handful of times, I wasn't fully satisfied, and knew I had to attempt the unthinkable - a Knievelesque jump over three human beings.  In this unedited, never-before-seen (except for 30 Explorers and the Camp Gray staff) video, you can witness history, as I go for a new amateur recreational sled jump world record.    

Cya Tuesday, friends! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Mustache Diaries IX

The top 8 things I've learned during the nine weeks of The Mustache Diaries:
  1. Egg nog is not fun to scrub out of your mustache after you get a little excited and drink it too fast.
  2. The thicker and fuller your goatee, the better people treat you. 6 weeks ago, when I would go to town or walk through Wal-Mart, people would stare and point at me as if I looked like this guy. Tonight, I went to McDonalds to get a mocha, and the lady smiled at me warmly and then did the unthinkable - she put extra whip cream on top.
  3. I got cut from the freshman high school basketball team, and I ran JV cross country all four years, however, I'm more accomplished than this pro basketball player, simply because of our upper lip growth comparison.
  4. Not this guy though, again, simply because of our upper lip growth comparison.
  5. Sometimes it feels like I have hair in my food, but it's just my mustache sneaking into the corners of my mouth.
  6. I'd pay close to $20 to be able to grow hair in the gap on my face between my side burns and goatee. As it is, I'll probably never be able to grow a beard.
  7. This advice I found on a women's hair website: "Be gentle with your hair and use a deep conditioner twice a week to help prevent damage," says DJ Freed, Aveda Global Master and owner of the Key Lime Pie Salon and Wellness Spa in Atlanta. works wonders on not only women's hair, but men's goatees as well.
  8. Patience is a virtue. My Dad used to always tell us, "If it were easy, everybody could do it." He would say this to encourage us to work hard at things such as soccer and school work, because the more effort you put into something, the more you'd get out of it. I always thought this was great advice, but it's taken on a whole new meaning after dedicating myself to this assignment 9 weeks ago. The finish line is still 11 days away, but I can't help but swell with pride over all I've accomplished in this time. Sure, I graduated from college. I have an amazing job. I once stayed awake for 78 straight hours. I can clap with one hand. I'm an incredible dancer. But nothing I've accomplished in my short 25 years can compare to growing a mustache the quality I'm growing. And darn it, the reason not many people have mustaches as sweet as mine is because it wasn't easy. Not even close. Thanks Dad.
Stay warm out there friends, and remember, if it were easy, everybody could do it.

- The Toph

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Mustache Diaries VIII

17 days and counting...

Another Tuesday is here, friends.  

As the hour glass gets closer and closer to running out on my upper lip masterpiece, I was told by Jeff that there is still one thing I need to accomplish before it's time to shave the 'stache off: The highly coveted icicle beard.  It just so happens my friend Andy wrote about this very topic a couple weeks ago on his blog.  You should check out his excitement at successfully getting an I.B.  Click Here.  I'll have a good chance at accomplishing my own icicle beard as this Thursday starts a special 4-day anterless deer hunt here in Wisconsin.  Seeing as how we got 9 inches of snow last night and we're expecting a high of 21 on Thursday, I'd say I've got a good shot at the I.B. (speaking of hunting, this weekends hunting efforts will be included to the not yet published but nearly finished "Chris Aderhold Inaugural Deer Hunt Journal")

I don't have much more to say this week, other than I've been pretty melancholy thinking about having to shave this bad boy off soon, in addition to the fact that I have received very little feedback on what I should blog about post-Mustache Diaries.

I hope y'all are well!  

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Mustache Diaries VII

I got food caught in my mustache on Thanksgiving.

I'm not from around here, so I didn't realize this, but apparently when you sit in 18 degree weather for 9 days trying to shoot a deer, your facial hair thickens in ways you never thought possible.  That's the theory I was told by Kevin anyhow.  We're coming around the final turn and heading toward the home stretch on this bad boy.  Gary & Heidi's Big Day is 3 weeks from this Saturday.  The only thing keeping me from shaving off the bottom of the goatee is the thought of taking Christmas photos at Grandmas with just a mustache.  Though, 20 years from now those pics could be quite priceless.    

Speaking of shooting deer...  You're probably wondering why I haven't yet posted the "The Chris Aderhold Inaugural Deer Hunt Journal".   I haven't had the time to finish it, but this should whet your appetite:

That thing is huge!  Did Chris shoot that?  Check back soon.

Lastly, I need your help.  What the heck should I post about weekly after the Bailey wedding comes and goes?  Please email all suggestions to christopher.clyde.aderhold@gmail.com. Thanks y'all!