Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clyde the Horse

Last winter, our stables handy man, Jim, traded two of his older horses for a young and vibrant gelding horse. Not unlike getting any other new pet, Jim had a task on his hands: What was he going to name this new horse?  Because I may have hinted at some point that Clyde was a good, strong name, Jim paid me homage by naming the horse Clyde.  

A couple months later, Jim stopped by the office at camp to take care of a few things.  The following conversation took place: 

Chris:  Well, howdy Jim! 
Jim:  Aderhold
Chris:  How's things going in your neck of the woods?
Jim:  Fine
Chris:  Hey!  How the heck is Clyde?
Jim:  Clyde's dead.
Chris:   What!?! 
Jim:  Winter did him in.  
Chris:    Well, why didn't you call me?  I would have helped you bury him!
Jim:  Oh, I just dragged him into the woods for the coyotes. 
Chris:   Good heavens, Jim.  What the heck?    

A couple months later, Jim got another new gelding.  The following conversation took place over camp walkie-talkies: 

Jim:  Aderhold, come in, Aderhold
Chris:  Go ahead, Jim
Jim:  Just got a new gelding.  He's got a big head and he's ugly as sin.  Looks alot like you.  Should we try again with the name "Clyde"?
Chris:  That didn't work out to well for us last time, now did it?
Jim:  I'm willing to give it one more shot if you are.  
Chris:  Thanks, Jim.  I'm honored.  

And now... I'm proud to introduce:  Clyde 2

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Send questions via email to: (christopher.clyde.aderhold@gmail.com).   

Thanks for tuning in, friends! 

Peace be da joureny. 

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Chadwick said...

Maybe there is a reason why Clyde has been a middle name for so long and not a first name. Hopefully Clyde 2 breaks the curse.