Tuesday, January 26, 2010

(Plutonic) Man 'L' Word

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Legend has it that in the year of our Lord, 1979, a bearded man named Pat was propagated in a snowy field in South Dakota. Legend has it that he crawled out of the womb and exclaimed in Czech, "I am the SPA." Legend has it that in high school his dominance in the yearbook room sparked comparisons to King Leonidas' dominance on the battle field. Yes, Pat took no prisoners, edited those yearbooks like a mad man, and earned the highly coveted honor of being an All-State Yearbooker. While certain fame and an abundance of money was awaiting this humble humanitarian, he turned down a professional yearbook career to spread the Gospel to thousands. Legend has it that he inspired many during the school-year with a couple stints on NET, a year as a gourmet chef, and several years of campus ministry. Legend has it that his summers were spent serving at Camp Gray (which btw is considered by at least one man to be the best Catholic camp in the country), not for a mere summer or two, but for nearly a quarter of a century.

Legend has it that a simple blog writer that hailed originally from the panhandled state of Oklahoma became acquaintances with Pat in 2006 AD.

And now, this is where things get hazy among historians.

After several years of friendship, there was a man embrace between Pat and the blog writer not unlike: click here. While most historians agree that there would have certainly been a high level of awkwardness during a hug between Pat and the blog writer, what isn't agreed on is the comment that came forth from the bloggers mouth. Some argue that "I love ya, brah," was exclaimed, while many others claim there is clear evidence that "Alligator shoe, draw," was said.

While I can't be certain of which holds the most validity, what I do know is that Pat Andera is a man amongst boys (Literally. I mean come on, he's 30 years old and he works at a kids camp), and I'm humbled to have him as my friend.

- Peace be da journey.

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