Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Peacock Feather

Last weekend, nine (9) of us from the year-round Camp Gray community made our way out to the big city of Chicago for a three day camp conference put on by the American Camp Association.

It was a wonderful weekend to spend quality time with the crew from Camp Gray, as well as a great opportunity to meet folks from other Camps.  We attended many different sessions to hear camp professionals speak about everything from behavior management and supervision tips, to neat ideas for marketing.  The event's closing speaker, Scott Arizala, gave a wonderful talk on the importance of youth development, and it left me fired up for summer camp.   

Of course, no camp conference would be complete without a little competition, and wouldn't ya know it, on the first night there was an intense Baggo tournament.  I was teamed up with Jenna Keller, Camp Gray's Administrative Coordinator.  For three years running, the Camp Gray Administrative Coordinator has won the Baggo Championship, so I was honored to be paired with Jenna.  

As Yoda so eloquently put it in Star Wars, 
"Do or do not, there is no try." 
Well... we did not.  But, we competed hard and fair.  I was proud of the effort put forth by Ms. Keller, even if the pressure of keeping the Administrative Coordinator winning streak alive ultimately destroyed her.  Because of this crushing defeat, Camp's Co-Directors, Jeff & Rebecca, have decided to discontinue the Administrative Coordinator position indefinitely.       

After dinner on the last night, the organizers of the conference were kind enough to schedule some camp appropriate entertainers to aid in digestion.  "The Wacky Juggler", Andy Head, put on an impressive display of juggling and jocularity.  Early on in his performance, he asked for a volunteer from the audience, so of course I emphatically raised my hand high in the hopes of being picked.  Unfortunately, I didn't make enough of a commotion to be chosen.  However, a lesson was learned, and the following thought rattled around the brain of Chris Aderhold: 
"The wacky juggler likes wackiness...  If he asks for another volunteer, how can I get his attention?...  Hmmm...  Wait a scosh!  What is this clown nose doing here?  That's it!..."  

Luckily my brain worked quickly, because the next thing I knew, The Wacky Juggler was asking for more volunteers.  On the clown nose went, and up went my hand.  A quick thanks is due to my friends from Camp Gray for doing the infamous "point at the guy who wants to be picked and scream" technique - because IT WORKED!

Turns out, Mr. Juggler needed 8 volunteers.  Once we arrived up on stage, he handed each of us a large peacock feather, and asked us to balance the feather on our hand.  

(It should be noted that I love to write because I enjoy being very descriptive.  However, when my Baggo teammate happens to video the aforementioned events, I feel as though I should share... Enjoy!)


As you can see, the balancing came pretty easy for me.  Also, you might have noticed, at the end of the peacock feather-balance test-run, Mr. Juggler pats me on the back.  I believe that is the good vibes I needed for the next portion of our time on stage. 

Well, the test run was a warm up for a competition.  Mr. Juggler challenged us to see which of us eight could balance our feather the longest.  I accepted his challenge with vigor, and felt confident with the support of the fine folks from Camp Gray - A Catholic Summer Camp (plus the support of the WeHaKeers), I would take home the gold.  

As you'll see, the clown nose was removed, because the clown nose isn't a part of my game face...  

(You will now need to tilt your head 90 degrees to the left...)

There you have it, folks!
I am the ACA Midstates Conference Peacock Feather Balancing Champion!  I've been told that winning feather balancing competitions like this can have a major influence on future job opportunities in the fields of entertainment, wildlife management, and aviation education.
I would again like to thank the fine folks from Camp Gray for their wonderful support.  
(Also, I'd like to take a minute to publicly apologize for slamming Jenna's Baggo performance.  Baggo is the ultimate team sport, and because of a recent discovery of tendonitis in my throwing shoulder, I was less than effective in the tournament.  I take 100% blame for the devastating defeat.)  

Thanks for reading everyone!  

Peace be da journey, 


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Jennie said...

You're blog always makes me laugh!! Thanks for brightening up my Wednesdays!! And I'm jealous you get to be in the great state of WI and I'm stuck in Iowa!