Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's May!

Can you believe it's already May?  Goodness, gracious, 2009 is flying by at warp speed!  

With the coming of summer camp (at the time of press there were only 40 days until the first week of campers!), comes the realization that my time to devote to "a blog" will become less and less.  If you've been thinking lately, "Gosh, Chris' posts have become pretty stale and short the last couple weeks (minus the amazing picture of Chris & Andrew sporting OSU jerseys last week)," then you'd be correct (especially regarding the part in parenthesis).  Already, time to devote to "a blog" has been tough to come by.    

Because of this realization, I've had to come to a difficult decision.  I've decided that my post next Tuesday, May 12th, will be my last weekly post until after summer.  I've hated that my posts lately have been well below the high standard we typically strive for at "a blog", so this seems like the best solution.  When will weekly posts return?  Let's shoot for Aug. 25, 2009.  It is truly a sad realization and an enormously tough decision to make, but I'm incredibly excited for summer camp 2009, so I can't complain.  
So, next week will be my last weekly post for over 3 months.  What should I write about?  It would absolutely make my day to hear from you with suggestions on a topic.  (christopher.clyde.aderhold@gmail.com) 

Because next weeks post will be difficult enough, I thought I'd take this time to personally thank you for reading my blog.  Yes...  you.  I know who you are.  Well, most of you, anyhow.  With google analytics, I have the ability to see how many folks check out my blog each week.  Not only that, I can view a map of the world with the city, state, and country of every hit my blog receives, and there are a lot of you (which makes me so very happy!)  One of the highlights of having "a blog", is viewing this map and attempting to figure out who is tuning in to my blog.  For instance, over the course of the past month (since April 5th), I've had 20 hits from Omaha, NE (Derek?), 13 hits from Broken Arrow, OK (Caleb?), 7 hits from Chicago (Katie?), 13 hits from Lawrence, KS (Lauren & Kristen?), 36 hits from Edmond, OK (hmmm?),  24 hits from Onalaska, WI (Ford at home?), and 13 hits from La Crosse (clap and point), WI (Ford at work?).
There are also hundreds of other hits that I can't identify.  A small sample: in the past month I've had 6 hits from Sheboygan, WI; 3 hits from the ATL; 6 hits from the Twin Cities; 4 hits from Denver, 11 hits from Texas, 4 hits from Davison, MI, and 6 hits from Westlake, LA.  I've even had hits from places such as Turkey (Istanbul), China (Laiwu), and Spain (Santa Cruz de Tenerife).  (Who are you people?!)  All told, since the inception of "a blog", I've had hits from 37 of 50 states, and 6 countries!  It's incredible to think that people literally all over the world read my weekly ramblings.  

So, thank you.  I love writing, and it makes it that much better knowing people enjoy "a blog" enough to tune in each and every week (or just once - such as the single hit I have from the dude in China).
For you students, Godspeed during upcoming finals.  For you working adults, don't forget to get outside and enjoy spring!  I can't wait to see you next week!

God bless!   

Peace be da journey.    


Jenn said...

i wonder who on earth lives in sheboygan? it's such a desolate place. :P

Jeff and Rebecca said...

I support your decision to forgo the weekly posts. Camp needs you in tip-top shape and your readers certainly deserve the same. In the mean time I too am looking forward to the summer and Aug 23rd will no doubt be a great day as well.

Chadwick said...

I think Brandon and Tamara tune in from Texas.