Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'll be seein' ya.

As the sun sets on "a blog" for a few months, here I sit, in my shabby recliner, with a can of Orange Crush and a foot long Tootsie Roll, pondering what to write about...    

Here's a thought:  Sitcoms don't go on all 12 months of the year.  What do they do on TV during the down time from certain television shows?  That's right, they show re-runs.  The fact that I'll be taking a sabbatical from "a blog" for a few months is no reason to panic.  It's simply a time for you to check back on some of your favorite stories (and if you're new to "a blog", this is your chance to catch up - sort of like the time I watched the first 3 seasons of The Office on DVD over the course of only a couple weeks so I would understand the upcoming premiere of season 4 - and speaking of The Office, has it really been terrible lately, or what?  Man, what happened?).    

For those of you that can't imagine life without my weekly stories and jocularity, I wanted to pass along a new option for both keeping up with me and this great place in which I am employed: 

Camp Gray's blog has been moved to blogger!  Due to some technical issues with our last blog site, we've transfered the Camp Gray blog (affectionately named "Misplaced & Found") to the more familiar and user-friendly blogger.com interface.  I've been extremely excited with this process and I'd love to hear your feedback!  Plus, now I can post at work and not feel guilty about it (just kidding Jeff & Rebecca!).  But seriously, you could say I'm now a professional writer because I'm getting paid to blog!  Sweet! Check it out here:  Camp Gray Blog

All that being said, I've come up with the summer schedule of "a blog" re-runs.  Check back weekly to view some of my favorite posts!

Have a terrific summer, friends!  I know I certainly will.  Please keep Camp Gray and our hundreds of campers (and our phenomenal staff) in your prayers.    

May 19 - What's scarier than a grizzly bear... - Attack of the Killer Shrew

May 26 - Why do I love Panera? - Panera Bread Co. 

June 2 - Growing a mustache is hard.  - Mustache Diaries IV

June 9 - "You want me to cut off what?" - Bucky the Deer

June 16 - It's business time. - Freedom of Choice? 

June 23 - An epic (true!) story about a young man and his head light... - Haiti

June 30 - Instead of a re-run of "a blog" this week, you should check out this video I made to introduce our co-directors to our new staff this past spring:  A Star is Born!

July 7 - Skiing the Lakeland Loppet, part 1 (skiing is a loosely used word, as form took a back seat to surviving sub-zero temperatures) - The Lakeland Loppet Part 1

July 14 - Skiing the Lakeland Loppet, part 2 - The Lakeland Loppet Part 2

July 21 - The tale of a first time hunter and lessons learned... - The Chris Aderhold Inaugural Deer Hunt Journal

July 28 - Why are they called, "coon hounds"? - Coon Hunting with Jim Riggs

August 4 - Gary, Sr:  A man among boys... - The Mustache Diaries Super Grand Finale 

August 11 - "ESPN called.  They heard things about your hunting..." - World Class Hunter

August 18 - Tall people have the ability to balance things well. - The Peacock Feather

August 25 - The sabbatical is over, and the fall line-up has been determined.  The sun is rising again on "a blog" and it's going to be a good fall (with lots of good stories - and maybe another mustache...  probably not, though)...

Peace be da journey!

- ChrisTopher

P.S.  Oh, and by the way.  With mother's day on Sunday, and my dad's birthday on Friday, I wanted to recognize them both with not only this shout out, but with an amazing picture of them hiking at Devil's Lake (which is a mere 13 minute drive from Camp - yep, you should come visit and we'll go there.  Yes...  You.)  
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Happy Birthday, Dad!

I love y'all!

P.S.S.  The Pirates have lost 8 of 10.  

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Steven and Cassandra said...

I thought that today was the day the "a blog" was going to return. Single tear.