Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Mustache Diaries VII

I got food caught in my mustache on Thanksgiving.

I'm not from around here, so I didn't realize this, but apparently when you sit in 18 degree weather for 9 days trying to shoot a deer, your facial hair thickens in ways you never thought possible.  That's the theory I was told by Kevin anyhow.  We're coming around the final turn and heading toward the home stretch on this bad boy.  Gary & Heidi's Big Day is 3 weeks from this Saturday.  The only thing keeping me from shaving off the bottom of the goatee is the thought of taking Christmas photos at Grandmas with just a mustache.  Though, 20 years from now those pics could be quite priceless.    

Speaking of shooting deer...  You're probably wondering why I haven't yet posted the "The Chris Aderhold Inaugural Deer Hunt Journal".   I haven't had the time to finish it, but this should whet your appetite:

That thing is huge!  Did Chris shoot that?  Check back soon.

Lastly, I need your help.  What the heck should I post about weekly after the Bailey wedding comes and goes?  Please email all suggestions to christopher.clyde.aderhold@gmail.com. Thanks y'all!


Luke said...

Chris, I do have to say your facial hair is coming in very nice. And yes, sitting in the cold does help grow it better :) you've seen my dad, right?

anyway, hopefully you got a buck, cause if you didn't, that would make me more of a man than you, and I don't want to have to hold that over you.

and we'll have to compare growths when i get back. I haven't shaved since halloween :)

Jeff and Rebecca said...

Kev was happy to mentioned by name but now he would like some photo coverage. Let's get some MWB action.